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CTIA Large Form Factor



EMITE is pleased to announce that the reverberation chamber test methodology is the only methodology approved by CTIA to test large form factor wireless devices OTA performance.

Any device larger than a notebook (any one dimension larger than 42 cm) is  classified as a large form factor devices by CTIA, which includes all the W-IoT  devices and any wireless device embedded in large notebooks, fridges, trash compactors, etc. The CTIA-approved Large Form Factor Test Plan can be used for the GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO and LTE  cellular standards. The selection of the RC test method is due to the capabilities of RCs to test large devices within their test zone, something impossible to be  done today with existing anechoic chamber methods. 

EMITE has participated in the drafting of the CTIA test plan and in the round robin tests using EMITE F200 Large Reverberation Chamber, illustrated below, and we are extremely proud and happy to have promoted and enabled this breakthrough milestone for RCs with our own state-of-the-art test systems. EMITE F200 therefore represents not only the excellent test tool for W-IoT compliance and pre-compliance testing of large form factor devices, but also for antenna measurements, MIMO OTA testing and EMC testing (IEC 61000-4-21 and RTCA/DO-160G) thanks to it MultiPurpose system capabilities, something unique in the RC market arena worldwide. Devices up to 2m big and 200kg in weight can be tested using EMITE F200.

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