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CTIA logoAT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have agreed to develop a TM2 OTA test, to be performed in a noise-limited OTA environment, which will be a replacement for SISO TIS. A reverberation chamber solution has been agreed for these tests, while its anechoic-chamber based alternative will be either the multi-cluster, single-cluster, or RTS method, something which is yet to be decided. After a careful analysis, operators at CTIA have agreed to add these UE noise-limited OTA tests for TM2 using Reverberation Chambers as a good complement to the existing SIR TM3 OTA tests using the anechoic-chamber based MPAC solution for a complete assessment of the UE RF performance. Both UMi and UMa channel models will be used in the new TM2 tests. This agreement will be communicated to GCF in a liaison statement at the upcoming January 2017 GCF meeting. EMITE congratulates CTIA for this wise decision which will make Reverberation Chambers even more versatile worldwide.



 More info in CTIA Contribution Number MOSG161106





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