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An endless number of phantoms shapes and combinations is provided by EMITE, conveniently adapted and test-fixtured to EMITE chambers, thanks to the partnership with SPEAG.



phanton laptop  
Notebook Ground Plane Test Fixture [NTF]

The standardized ground plane Notebook phantom (Test Fixture), designed and manufactured following 3GPP and CTIA technical specifications, is used for testing USB devices in order to evaluate their performance with a generic phantom and not for a specific portable computer.




Head, Hand, Forearm and Foot OTA Phantoms packages [SAM & SHO]

As an SPEAG partner, the E- and F-series Chambers can also accommodate standardized OTA head phantoms [SAM], with or without the hands [SHO], or different phantom packages, using specific phantom test fixtures provided by EMITE. Any SPEAG individual of packaged phantom combination can be provided by EMITE.




Torso and full-body Phantom packages [POPEYE]

As an SPEAG partner, the F-series Chambers can also accommodate standardized OTA Torso and Full-body phantoms [POPEYE], standing up or sitting, with different positions and gestures, for an unheard-off mimicking of human usage experience for your tests.