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EMITE E-Series RC 

The state-of-the-art MIMO OTA Test System





8x8 MIMO Analyzer E500

MIMO Measurements Made Simple

690 MHz to 6 GHz



Reverberation Chambers have never been so smart. The E500 MIMO Analyzer multicavity mode-stirred source-stirred reverberation chamber can make single measurements, protocols or campaign tests for different frequency bands, different technologies and different channel models, in one batch test running overnight without human intervention. All test results at your desk when arriving at the office. Its unique Easy Attachment and Smart Attachment algorithms allow your dreams to come true; we measure while you rest. Finally.

The E500 MIMO Analyzer offers fully-automated fast and simple 2G to 5G SISO and MIMO OTA testing for all available wireless and cellular technologies to date.

The E500 MIMO Analyzer has been pre-selected by CTIA and 3GPP for TXD and MIMO OTA standardized testing and round robin campaigns.

Previous E Series models (E100, E200 and E300) are discontinued and only S&M services are offered for them.

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E500T-ATT Platform

Anite E500
MIMO OTA testing for LTE and LTE-A is now critical to meet carrier requirements and determine the realistic performance of wireless devices. EMITE and Anite have produced a unique Test Platform for MIMO OTA performance and conformance evaluation: the E500T-ATT Test Platform. Leading operators in the US are moving ahead of slow-pacing standardization bodies, and have set the requirements for their LTE and LTE-A CA MIMO OTA Test plans, approving the EMITE-Anite E500T-ATT Test Platform, which represents the most advance RC+CE Test System in the market.

Main Features

  • Automated Turnkey Test (ATT) system with no RF cable reconnections
  • Single GUI Software for all instruments (VNA, eNodeB, CE, RC)
  • Automated control and reporting of entire Test Plans
  • Overnight testing with Smart Attachment algorithms (no human intervention)
  • Fast LTE and LTE-A Throughput (TPUT), TRP, TIS and MTS (MIMO Throughput Sensitivity) testing
  • 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 MIMO OTA
  • LTE-A CA for 2DL, 3DL and 4DL CC
  • Simple saving, plotting and exporting of results
  • Automated test result Report including pass/fail evaluations


500T-ATT Poster







Imagine you can re-run an already-performed drive test and get the same results in a repetitive manner so that you could check how some changes on the UE play a role on performance. Imagine you can re-run the exact same drive test that you did with device A but with a different device and compare how different devices react to the exact same drive test. Imagine you can do all that in a lab, from your desk. Welcome to the EMITE E500T-VDT-OTA test Platform.


Main Features 

  • Simple, repeatable, and real drive testing in a lab
  • Re-uses entire or parts (customer-selectable) of existing drive test files
  • Imports files form all existing drive test tools
  • OTA calibration using drive test device
  • Drive test OTA measurements of any existing, modified or new device
  • Automated Turnkey Test system with no RF cable reconnections
  • Single GUI Software for all instruments (VNA, eNodeB, CE, RC)
  • Overnight testing with Smart Attachment and Smart Call-drop-handling algorithms (no human intervention)
  • RSSI and TPUT measurements for LTE
  • 1X1 SISO, 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 MIMO configurations
  • Simple saving, plotting and exporting of results

E500T-DVT-OTA Data Sheet





Key Features


city nights
Overnight campaign testing without human intervention
Single tests | Carrier Protocols | Standards | Different Bands | Different Technologies| Different Channel Models| Customized Settings
Turnkey Solution
One System | VNA-eNodeB-CE-RC | One RF Connection Set | One Control Connection | No Reconnections
one shot
One-Shot Calibration
One VNA Measurement | All Technologies | All Frequency Bands | Including Channel Emulator
GUI measures
Push-and-Measure testing
Preloaded Setting Profiles | Customizable | Intense Testing | OTA Drive Testing (VDT OTA)





All in One Single and Intuitive Graphic User Interface

The E500 MIMO Analyzer provides unique Passive MIMO, active SISO and MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) 3GPP/CTIA/Carrier Figures of Merit and Traffic time-domain measurements for devices operating in any wireless or cellular technology available to date and for a wide variety of test set-ups, channel models and Test System combinations, all united in one single and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).

e500 gui

Passive MIMO measurements

Antenna and RF front-end measurements of MIMO parameters versus frequency or vs SNR, including some 3D plots of multivariable measurements. Parameters include:

  • Efficiency (Total, Radiated)
  • Correlation (Pearson, Blanch)
  • MIMO Capacity
  • Mutual Coupling
  • Diversity Gain (ADG, EDG, IDG)
  • Loss effects (DGL, CL.MIMO)
  • Mean Effective Gain (MEG)
  • Effective MEG (EMEG)
  • Branch Power Ratio (BPR)
  • Path Loss (PL)


Active SISO/MIMO OTA measurements

2G to 5G Wireless or cellular devices Over-The-Air (OTA) continuous or stepwise stirring measurements for SISO, TXD and MIMO Figures of Merit including standardized (3GPP/CTIA) and carrier-specific parameters. Figures of Merit include:

  • Total Radiated Power (TRP)
  • Total Isotropic/Radiated Sensitivity (TIS/TRS)
  • Throughput (TPUT) (Reg and DLPInv)
  • Channel Quality Indicator (CQI)
  • MIMO Throughput Sensitivity (MTS) 

Traffic Time-Domain MIMO measurements

Pre-characterization and MIMO measurements in the time-domain using auxiliary instruments or a TCP/IP connection between the Control PC and the DUT. Measurements include:
  • UL/DL TCP/UDP Throughput vs. Time
  • UL/DL TCP/UDP Throughput vs. Average Received Power/Path Loss
  • Power Delay Profile (PDP)
  • RMS Delay Spread (RMS DS)
  • Cumulative Density Function (CDF)
  • Scatterplot (SP)
  • Power Density Function (PDF)
  • K-factor (K)
  • Eigenvalues (l)
  • OTA Drive Testing of RSSI and TPUT (VDT OTA)



In addition to Rayleigh, the following fading environments can be used for Antenna RF front-end passive MIMO measurements using our Sample Selection embedded algorithm:

  • Nician
  • Nakagami-m
  • Lognormal
  • IEEE 802.11n



For additional information or a personalized quotation, please contact EMITE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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