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M2M, IoT and Wearable device testing





8x8 MIMO Analyzer F200

MIMO Measurements Made Simple

200 MHz to 6 GHz


Prototipe 2

The F200 MIMO Analyzer is a mode-, platform- and source-stirred large M2M reverberation chamber that provides unique measurement capabilities for large form-factor devices under test (DUTs) like laptops, large TV sets, solar and trash compactors, fridges or washing and vending machines, among others. With up to 4 available channels and test volumes1  up to 4.5 m3, the F200 MIMO Analyzer is able to efficiently measure TRP, TIS and TPUT of large M2M/IoT/Wearable devices with extreme accuracy, unheard-off repeatability and with the shortest test times in the market using a single and intuitive Graphic User Interface. DUT plugged-in (100-240 V AC) testing is also available. A combination to a channel emulator (CE) is also possible for advanced MIMO OTA testing of large devices.


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Reverberation Chambers have never been so versatile. In addition to all the unique Series E features, the Series F large M2M reverberation chamber can make single measurements, protocols or campaign tests for different frequency bands, different technologies and different channel models, in one batch test running overnight without human intervention for very large M2M, IoT and Wearable devices including full human phantoms. All test results at your desk when arriving at the office. With up to 4 available channels and device sizes up to 2m, the F200 Large M2M Reverberation Chamber from EMITE provides accurate and fast Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Wearable SISO and MIMO OTA research, development and compliance testing measurements for a unique frequency bandwidth with an unprecedented level of automation and report.

Typical testing times are under 1 minute for TRP and 3 minutes for TIS. In-house pre-calibrated isotropy of 0.5 dB and STD deviation of 0.25 dB are typical. Testing can be performed for ALL existing Cellular standards and ALL existing Wireless standards to date. The F200 large M2M reverberation chamber is served in pieces and re-assembled in situ. The F200 large M2M reverberation chamber has been selected by CTIA to participate in the CTIA M2M Large-Form-Factor Round Robin test campaign (2015).




All advantages of Series E included


city nights
Overnight campaign testing without human intervention
Single tests | Carrier Protocols | Standards | Different Bands | Different Technologies| Different Channel Models| Customized Settings
Turnkey Solution
One System | VNA-eNodeB-CE-RC | One RF Connection Set | One Control Connection | No Reconnections





Aditional Features of Series F


large dut
Large M2M, IoT and Wearable device testing
Devices as large as 2m | 0.5 dB STD | Fastest test times in the market | No Reconnections| Heavy DUTs
source stirring
MIMO capabilities
4x Source stirring | Polarization diversity | Only M2M MIMO OTA test system in the market | Including Channel Emulator
one shot
Channel pre-characterization
RMD DS | Coherence Bandwidth | STD





All in One Single and Intuitive Graphic User Interface

The F200 MIMO Analyzer provides unique Passive MIMO, active SISO and MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) 3GPP/CTIA/Carrier Figures of Merit and Traffic time-domain measurements for devices operating in any wireless or cellular technology available to date and for a wide variety of test set-ups, channel models and Test System combinations, all united in one single and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).

f200 gui

For additional information or a personalized quotation, please contact EMITE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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