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The end of the XXth Century gave path to the Communication Era, also known as the Information Society, in which the availability of technology became commonplace, mostly thanks to the expansion of wireless communication technologies, the use of Internet and the combination of both. These changes made the amount and availability of stored information grow exponentially with virtually posts from anyone, anywhere, allowing people to become part of the social change underway.


Today we are embedded into the Knowledge Society, in which the amount of information is so big that the technologies that become successful are those able to separate the wheat from the chaff for well over 4.000 million users. We have somatised wireless technology so much that we even speak about what happens to our handset as if it really happens to us; “I have run out of battery”, “I have no coverage”, or “I have run out of memory”, and an ever-increasing number of new sociological pathologies have emerged due to either the undesired absence or intense-over-use of wireless terminals.


Yet, there are only just a handful of aspects in our everyday life today in which a mobile terminal cannot help in some way. Those who thought that it was enough with being able to communication one side of the world with another in a second, something incredible on its own, missed the point, as the discovery of radio communications really opened a door to a new social dimension.


In this incredible evolution process, technology tries to become part of our DNA, and we require more and more efficient, faster, integrated, even wearable devices, but at the same time cheaper and better than previous ones. In order to achieve such thing, knowledge, talent and opportunity are necessarily part of the equation. These are the basics of Europe, what makes this continent different from others, its economic power, translated into social freedom, comes from talent and knowledge, and from keeping-up as knowledge-based world leaders, something in jeopardy today. It is true that within the European and Global contexts, Spanish contributions in telecommunications beyond managing infrastructure and equipment from others are scarce, although not null at all, and not due to a lack of R&D or innovative talent. On the contrary, talent grows in Spain in bigger amounts that it should according to its international population weight, but it is rather the inability of our governors to facilitate the innovative process, the creation of wealth or the generation of jobs, our Achilles’ heel. In this context, the concept of University does not really exist, as it is more in practice related to the persons that work at a University who do things, and not the institution itself, which normally levitates over reality in most occasions. For our company that was not the case, as we have always been granted the support of the Technical University of Carthagene, in Spain, and more specifically from its Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors, as they favoured by the end of 2006 the spin out of EMITE from the GIMRE research team, after some 10 PhD thesis and numerous scientific publications on the subject. We endeavoured ourselves into the incredible yet absorbing world of entrepreneurship to consolidate a high-tech company (since the creation is just an administrative process for which a nearly infinite number of funding schemes exist, at least in Europe).


In our very beginning we dedicated our time to imagine, invent, create, but also to pay taxes and try to survive the endless administrative processes, always with profound MIMO knowledge, and we also spent a lot of time listening, listening to the first customers, listening to providers, listening to partners and competitors. And we dreamed. We dreamed about test systems which could work with the push of a button, got mad about making difficult things easy for the user, about providing solutions to problems that although not yet there, we were envisioning, and doing it at a reasonable cost, making solutions accessible by a majority of companies and not just a few ones, and above all, doing all that with our hands, with our minds, from our home land.


We pretended to socialize test system technology. And we did it. It was not easy at all, and some people left throughout the process, but today EMITE is present in all major continents, with satisfied customers in all of them, selling high-tech OTA test systems that are more complex, faster, more accurate and with higher quality than our competitors, and even cheaper, reducing margins to reasonable levels, as never seen before. It has been some time now since we started seen how others were copy-pasting our ideas, our explanations, our language and our services. There is no doubt it has been a hard and complex path that got EMITE to what it is today, a sinuous road which was not imaginable from the first step, but certainly achieved with one small step after another, each one counts, in the right direction of the large ladder to success. The merit is all for our enthusiastic and never-tiring employees, providers and supporters, we are a family, and our customers soon realize they have become part of it.


A challenging but also fascinating future is also certainly ahead of us, very competitive indeed, but I am convinced that with the extremely good team EMITE has today (you can ask any of our customers about that) and those to come, we will continue moving forward in the right direction. We have yet again renovated our website design, enhanced our presence on Social Networks, added a number of state-of-the-art videos to our YouTube channel and a wide range of application notes to our registered customers and guests. We have even, responding to what everybody ended up using, slightly changed our logo to add the first e, so that our company logo reflect in a word how many have used to call us, and have done that while building our new site and our new 5G OTA Test Systems, with creativity areas, brainstorming rooms, a gym and some resting and gaming places, a place to foster innovation, ideas and well-being of our most valuable asset: our people. Come and visit.


Thank you for allowing it to happen, we would not be here without you.


Prof. David A. Sánchez-Hernández, Dipl.-Ing, Ph.D, CEng, SMIEEE, FIET


EMITE wise waves - MIMO Measurements made simple