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EMITE I-Series RC 

Bluetooth and WLAN OTA testing







I60 - Small-size Reverberation Chamber

Bluetooth and WLAN OTA testing

2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands


I60 Small



The I60 small-size Reverberation Chamber is a unique value-for-money Over-the-Air (OTA) test chambers. With smart-stirring, the I60 chamber has the smallest footprint in the market and is intended for OTA testing of Bluetooth 1.0/2.0, BLE 4.0/5.0/5.1 and WLAN 802.11abgnacax technologies for small devices up to 30cm, 5kg and 8x8 MIMO.



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g1 iseries       g2 iseries











TCP/UDP/FTP OTA Data Throughput test results for IEEE 802.11 ac 3x3 MIMO using an Access Point as DUT and exhibiting very good repeatability, and TCP Data Throughput measured with AP beamforming on and off at channel 44.

Explicit beamforming requires information to be sent from the client device to the access point in order to work.

I60 chamber provide for fast and accurate TRP, TIS, and Downlink and Uplink TCP/UDP/FTP 8x8 MIMO TPUT tests for UEs, wireless stations (STAs) and Access Points (APs), also with user-selectable technology, band, channel (including DFS ones), bandwidth, antennas, rates (MCS) and other parameters in an individual manner for each test on a batch, which can then be run overnight in an unsupervised manner.




Bluetooth TRP and TIS testing for different Burst types (@BR DH1 & LE 1M PHY at the figure) provide a very good insight on Bluetooth device performance on the field.




Unique advantages of I-Series


Smallest footprint on the market
With wheels | Signaling and non-signaling OTA tests | Desktop test equipment | Batch testing| Customized Settings
wiot circle final
Small device testing
Up to 30cm DUTs | 802.11abgnacax | BT 1.0/2.0 BLE 4.0/5.0/5.1 | STAtions and Access Points as DUT | 8x8 MIMO | Up to 5kg DUTs
movl apps
Pre-calibrated Chamber and OS apps
Pre-calibrated from manufacturing plant | UE Apps in iOS, macX, Android, Linux, UWP, Windows and Tizen 




All in One Single and

Intuitive Graphic User


The I60 Reverberation Chamber provides unique WLAN and Bluetooth signaling and non-signaling Figures of Merit, all united in one single and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), allowing batch test cases be tested overnight in an unsupervised manner. Pass/Fail criteria can be set, providing excellent quality control of tested devices in a simplified manner.

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