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EMITE H-Series AC 

The gem of 5G OTA Testing







H300 - Medium-size Anechoic Chamber

3GPP-permitted Sub-6 GHz and mm-Wave 5G OTA testing


0.6/3 GHz to 40/67/110 GHz


H300 web

The EMITE H300 5G OTA Test System comprises a medium-size anechoic chamber, a Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) with a 100cm x 100cm precision reflector, a lateral-positioned tower and feed antenna for the frequency range 3 to 40 GHz, a 3D AuT/DuT fully-automated 0.03º-accurate positioning system for 8kg DUTs (extendable to 50kg) with a 36cm quiet zone (can be extended to 60cm) and an additional direct feed antenna for the range 600 MHz to 3 GHz. Capable of testing beamforming and 5G signaling Key Performance Indicators, it is the only OTA test system in the market capable of testing FR1+FR2 bands combinations in a simultaneous manner. With unheard-off reflector-manufacturing accuracies, which reflect into extremely good phase accuracies, the H300 can be connected to a gNodeB emulator for active OTA measurements of 5G devices. Extensions to 67 and 110 GHz are available. With a variety of Operating Systems at the 5G UE, time-domain uplink and downlink FTP/TCP/UDP Throughput and latency measurements are also readily available.



The H300 OTA CATR + DFF + SNF Test Range provides complete 3D performance assessment for 5G devices and antennas from 0.6 up to 110 GHz, capable of supporting 5G Sub-6 GHz (from 600 MHz to 6 GHz) and mmWave (24 to 110 GHz) standardized OTA testing in accordance to 3GPP TR38.810, TR37.842 and TR38.101. Aerospace-used technology is built into our H300 test range. With serrated reflectors providing unique 15µm peak-to-peak roughness in 36 cm quiet zone and high accuracy 0.03° positioners, with both roll over azimuth and roll over elevation. the H300 is undoubtedly a best-in-its-type chamber, and the only one in the market capable of testing FR1 Sub-6 GHz and FR2 mmWave frequencies in a simultaneous manner.


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H300 inner





Additionally, an optional climatic enclosure allows for 5G OTA testing under controlled temperature (from -40 to 90°C) and humidity (from 10% to 98% RH) conditions.

H series connection setup

In addition to the climatic control ad variation for the 5G OTA tests, other unique features include a 15 μm peak-to-peak reflector surface roughness, which leads to uniquely low quiet zone ripple, carbon-loaded polystyrene absorbers for extreme durability, roll over azimuth and elevation over azimuth for a DuT max load of 8 kg, typical accuracies 0.03° with standard backlash 1 to 6 arc min and a unique wide frequency band coverage from 600 MHz to 110 GHz.



Unique Features of H-Series 


H series 3GPP min
All three 3GPP-permitted OTA test methods
Direct Far-Field (DFF)| Indirect Far-Field Compact Antenna Test Range (IFF-CATR) | Near to Far Field Transformation Spherical Near Field (NTFT-SNF) | Single chamber
H300 DUT enclosure min
Climatic enclosure for temperature/humidity control and variation
Temperature (-40 to 90ºC) | Relative Humidity (10 to 98%) | DB9 control | Full automation and variable setting capabilities during test batch
one shot
Widest frequency band coverage
Sub-6 GHz (600 MHz to 6 GHz or FR1) | millimeter-wave frequencies (24 to 110 GHz or FR2) | Simultaneous FR1 + FR2 band combinations
GUI measures
Standardized and non-standardized key performance indicators
3GPP 38.101 KPIs | 36/60cm DuTs | RF/E2E Latency | DL/UL TCP/UDP/FTP/Throughput | Antenna parameters





All in One Single and Intuitive Graphic User Interface

The H-Series medium-size Anechoic Chamber provides unique 5G Over-The-Air Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for antennas and devices operating at Sub-6 GHz, mmWave frequencies or combinations of both (FR1+FR2), all united in one single and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).

F series GUI

Antenna KPIs

Antenna and RF front-end measurements of 5G parameters versus frequency, including some 3D plots of multivariable measurements. Parameters include:

  • Efficiency
  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Cross Polarization Ratio (XPR)
  • Axial Ratio (AR)
  • Front to Back Ratio (FBR)
  • Beamwidth
  • 2D Radiation patterns
  • 3D Radiation patterns


5G User Equipment (UE) KPIs

Smartphones, tablets, hotspots and in general any 5G device with sizes up to 36 cm (60 cm with size upgrade version) standardized and non-standardized key performance indicators include:

  • Beam peak search Tx
  • Beam peak search Rx
  • EIRP @ Tx Beam Peak Direction
  • TRP (AC TRP)
  • Spherical Coverage/CDF of EIRPs
  • Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) @ TX Beam Peak Direction
  • Reference Sensitivity (REFSENS)
  • Effective Isotropic Sensitivity (EIS) @ RX Beam Peak Direction 
  • In-Band Blocking (IBB) @ RX Beam Peak Direction 
  • Total Isotropic Sensitivity (AC TIS) 
  • Averaged Spectrak Efficiency (ASE)* 
  • Channel Quality Indicator (CQI)* 
  • 5G peak downlink throughtput (PDLT)* 
  • 5G peak uplink throughput (PULT)* 
  • Beamforming SNR increase (BSNRI) *
  • Beamforming battery consumption (BBC)* 
  • Beamforming Averaged Latency (BAL)* 
  • Beamforming Temperature increase (BTI)* 
  • Transmit Signal Strength Indicator (TSSI)* 
  • Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)*
  • RF/E2E Latency 
  • Throughput 
  • DL/UL TCP/UDP/FTP Throughput 

* Under development 



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