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EMITE F-Series Hybrid RC/AC

Simply the best OTA test system worldwide







F200 - Large-size Hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber


200 MHz to 40 GHz


F200 web2

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The F200 large-size hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber represents the most versatile and advanced OTA test system in the market today. The F200 can test large form-factor DUTs of up to 2m and 500kg for up to 16x16 MIMO and 8DLCC, including full-body phantoms in a turntable, Test modes include SISO/MIMO, WIoT, MTC, WLAN, VDT-OTA, wearables and EMC in RC Mode and FF, SNF, eNB/gNB and 5G in AC Mode, for a unique frequency bandwidth with an unprecedented level of automation and report.

The F200 Hybrid RC/AC is a large mode-, platform and source-stirred reverberation/anechoic chamber. The F200 has the same unique test features of its E-Series RC counterparts, and it is also reverse-convertible into an anechoic chamber, allowing Far Field (FF) and Spherical Near Field (SNF) radiation patterns, efficiency and gain measurements, as well as pre-5G testing of antennas, eNB/gNB and devices. Conversion from RC to AC or vice versa can be performed within half a day.

In RC Mode, large form-factor devices under test (DUTs) like laptops, large TV sets, solar and trash compactors, drones, car cockpits, fridges or washing and vending machines can be tested, among others. With RC Test Volumes1 up to 4.5 m3, the F200 is able to efficiently measure Efficiency, Correlation, Diversity Gain, MIMO Capacity, TRP, TIS, TPUT, CQI, MTS, M2TxDT of antennas and devices with extreme accuracy, unheard-off repeatability and with the shortest signalling test times in the market using a single and intuitive Graphic User Interface. DUT AC-plugged-in (100-240 V AC) testing is also available. Wearables, W-IoT, MTC and EMC testing can also be made with F200 in RC Mode. Unique Smart-Attachment, Smart hand-over, Smart call-drop and Early-stop embedded EMITE algorithms allow for an unprecedented control and automation of your Active OTA measurements using F200, which can be run overnight without human supervision for up to 16x16 and 8DLCC. Coexistence test of 2G/3G/4G/5G and real eNB/gNB testing or VDT-OTA is also possible. Up to WLAN 802.11ax DL/UL TCP/UDP TPUT testing can be tested as an optional. Typical testing times are under 1 minute for TRP and 3 minutes for TIS2. In-house pre-calibrated isotropy of 0.5 dB and STD deviation of 0.25 dB are typical.

Any device larger than a notebook (any one dimension larger than 42 cm) is classified as a large form factor device by CTIA, which includes all the W-IoT devices and any wireless device embedded in large notebooks, fridges, trash compactors, etc. The CTIA-approved Large Form Factor Test Plan can be used for the GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO, LTE and 5G cellular standards. The selection of the RC test method is due to the capabilities of RCs to test large devices within their test zone, something impossible to be done today with existing anechoic chamber methods. Pre-characterization and automated tuning of RMS DS, Power Delay Profile (PDP), Coherence Bandwidth (CBW), Path Loss (PL) and STD for testing according to CTIA W-IoT standards through absorber loading is also offered.

In AC Mode the F200 can test antennas under test (AuTs) up to 1m and 30kg, in both Far Field (FF) (with some restrictions on AuT size) and Spherical Near Field (SNF) to provide for efficiency, gain and radiation patterns measurements. FF/SNF equipment and absorbers can be installed for use up to 6/18/40 GHz.

Unique features of F200 include a friendly single Graphic User Interface (GUI) with full automated output monitoring and processing, control of user-specified Vector Network Analyzers, Base Station Emulators, Channel Emulators, Access Points, Motors, Rotors, sliding frames and RF components, testing standards in anautomated manner, carrier Test Plans and html reporting, testing with user-defined PASS/FAIL criteria, including combinations for complex carrier test plan automated execution, using smart-attachment algorithm to keep your device connected at all times, smart call-drop algorithm to automatically handle call-drops and recover disconnections, smart hand-over algorithm to include different figures of merit, different technologies and different frequency bands within the same test batch, overnight batch measurements without human supervision and import/export calibration files facilities, among others.

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Unique Features of F-Series 

In addition to all the features of its E-Series sister, the F-Series Hybrid Anechoic/Reverberation chamber provides with additional unique features

large dut
Large devices, WIoT, MTC, short-range, wereables, 5G OTA testing
Devices as large as 2m | 0.5 dB STD | Fastest test times in the market | No Reconnections| Heavy DUTs
source stirring
MIMO capabilities
8x Source stirring | Polarization diversity | up to 16x16 x 8DL CC | Including Channel Emulator | Real eNodeBs
one shot
Channel pre-characterization, Time-Domain testing and EMC
RMD DS | PDP | CBW | PL | STD | VDT-OTA | Testing with RRUs | EMC 
Anechoic chamber testing
Far Field/Spherical Near Field | 2D/3D Radiation patterns | Beamwidth | Gain | Efficiency | Axial Ratio | Converted in half a day





All in One Single and Intuitive Graphic User Interface

The F-Series large-size hybrid anechoic/reverberation chamber provides unique Passive MIMO, Active SISO and MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) 3GPP/CTIA/Carrier Figures of Merit and Time-domain measurements for devices operating in any wireless or cellular technology available to date and for a wide variety of test set-ups, channel models and Test System combinations, all united in one single and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).

f200 gui

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