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2xMT8862A NewsEMITE is proud to announce the world’s first 2x2 MIMO OTA Test System in signaling mode for IEEE802.11ac. Two Test Set MT8862A units have been successfully used in combination with an EMITE E500 Reverberation Chamber to test OTA figures of merit for IEEE802.11ac devices with a 2x2 MIMO configuration in a fully-automated manner. Signaling OTA testing of a WLAN device in 2x2 MIMO mode has never been easier, check it out at our EMITE YouTube channel or at https://youtu.be/Nvpy5pn-ICc.


Two synchronized MT8862A units provide for receiver sensitivity and transmit power signaling testing of 2x2 MIMO WLAN devices in combination with the EMITE E-Series medium size-reverberation chamber. As it happened in April 2017 when Anritsu and EMITE revealed world’s first SISO OTA signaling test system for 802.11ac devices, the companies have now provided a 2x2 MIMO configuration upgrade, which will certainly help WLAN manufacturers to validate RF OTA performance in realistic environments in more complex MIMO setups. When combined to EMITE features of batch testing overnight without the need for human supervision, automated reporting or pass/fail evaluation of end-customer criteria, the EMITE WLAN OTA Test Systems are now equipped with unprecedented capabilities.

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