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Latest News and EMITE Releases






wifi6eFor immediate release – EMITE is proud to announce another big step forward in WLAN OTA testing by providing full support to the new Wi-Fi6E frequency band for the 802.11ax standard on its E-, I- and F-Series Test Platforms, becoming a worldwide-first to provide fully-automated TCP/UDP/FTP MIMO OTA Throughput testing as well as SISO TRP/TIS OTA testing capabilities for the new Wi-Fi band. The market is currently eagerly expecting the deployment of WiFi6E, with OEMs announcements of the first Wi-Fi6E-compatible routers, Access Points and devices within 2021. An additional chuck of 1200 MHz in the new 6 GHz frequency band provides over 200% of channel capacity increase, and devices with Wi-Fi6E-compatible radios will benefit from a less crowded spectrum band with enhanced features. The new band is also expected to bring an expansion push for wireless Internet of Things. The EMITE-unique monitoring of device temperature, battery level, modulation analyses and PHY Throughput in real-time measurements is also available for the new release in Wi-Fi6E.









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